Summer Variety 12-Pack (Lime, Peach Gose, Blonde)

Summer Variety 12-Pack (Lime, Peach Gose, Blonde)

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Featuring our popular Peach Gose and Blonde styles alongside our new Lime brew, all of the beers in this pack are light and bright for a flavourful combo that perfectly pairs with celebrating the season. 

Orders are expected to start shipping in mid-to-late July. 

Limit six 12-packs per customer. Not available for subscription orders. 

Tasting Notes: Partake LIME is light, fresh, and flavourful with hints of zesty citrus. Each sip is met with a crisp zing and a clean finish. 

Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast, Natural Flavoring. Contains: Barley 

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