How does your non-alcoholic beer stack up?

Partake's calories and carbs vs. other non-alcoholic beers. Partake IPA 10 calories, 2.0 g of carbs. Brewdog Nanny State 21 calories, 4.3 g of carbs. Surreal Red IPA 33 calores, 5.6g of carbs. Big Drop Pale Ale 61 calories, 12.2g of carbs. Athletic Brewing Co Run Wild 70 calories, 16.0 g of carbs. Lagunitas IPNA 80 calories, 18.0 g of carbs. Brooklyn Special Effects 102 calories, 22.0 g of carbs.

Calories and Carbs for traditional non-alcoholic beers. Budweiser Zero 50 calories, 11.5g of carbs. Beck's 50 calories, 11.0g of carbs. Coors non-alcoholic 58 calories, 12.2g of carbs. O'Douls 65 calories, 13.0g of carbs. Heineken 66 calories, 15.8g of carbs


All information is sourced from brand websites